Glacier Water Dip at Kashmir Great Lakes

I was dipped till my waist in freezing cold glacier water. With the count of one, two and three, I went all inside again and came out gasping for my breath.
There was just one thought in my mind ‘man this is damn cold’! I was brain freeze. Suddenly the clouds cleared above and thousand rays of sunlight fell on the glistening lake. I felt a crawling sense of little warmth on my body. I looked around and just like the floating clouds; my anticipating ‘cold’ thoughts got drifted away too! They paved the way for the exasperating feeling of wonder. I was standing there inside the ‘still’ freezing water, jaw dropped and witnessing pure bliss, nature at its wild and best color. I was at Nandkul Lake, painting one of the best memories of my life.
The huge mountains loaded with tons of snow were standing right in front of me and the small waterfalls were making their way to the lake, carrying the sweetest freshly melted water from glacier.
I was at the altitude of 11,482 feet and it was the end of the trek. The next day, we were supposed to head down to the base.
The tranquility of mountains and the eerie whisper of winds in my ears, forced me to ponder upon what I witnessed in last 7 days. I witnessed extravagant lakes, nonchalant valleys, gigantic mountains and sheer bliss. The deep blue green lakes like Kishansar and Vishansar still have my heart.
The spot at Gadsar pass from where I saw 5 lakes at a time still surprises me like a wonder dream. Whenever I would go a little up to find my corner of solitude, away from other groups, valley would surprise me by uncovering a hidden lake that sat behind those mountain rocks. A little more effort was always paid of at Kashmir Great Lakes.
Of all the great lakes and great views that I witnessed, the dip at the Nandkul lake is my most cherished memory and the first thing that pops up in my mind when I think of this trek. But hadn’t it been for her, a friend I made during the trek, I wouldn’t have experienced it. I was quite unsure about the plan to take a dip, because firstly, it was very cold and secondly about where to change cloths out in the open! But her opening line, ‘that I know you would say No’, made me say ‘Yes’. That hell, let’s do this.
I realized life is too short, you never know when it is going to snap back at you so you need to enjoy when it offers you in the cone of ice cream. Seize the moment, don’t give yourself excuses, and don’t run away from it. You will create memories and you will be telling tales about it.
Live it, Enjoy It.

PS: I did this trek with Bikatadventures as a Content Creator. If you want to book this trek you can check it out at their website.

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