A Spiritual Drive: Self Connect & Reflect

Everyone of us have a soul inside. Agree?

Everyone of us has a spiritual connection to that soul. May be you don’t agree 🙂

Think in this way, ever felt clogged in your head? Ever felt that may be it is getting too much in your head? May be you are thinking too much about people, work or your real and imaginary life situations? Now read carefully, ask yourself and try to realize(if haven’t already), is it hampering your decision making power, your judgements, your mental peace?

You may think, ‘nah, I am doing okay’ but give it one more thought that if your happiness or at least the calmness comes from within or is dependent on external factors like people, appreciations, attention, events, the lack of which generates the sense of gloomy feeling.

I understand that reaching the Zen state where our emotions are not dependent and controlled by us is an ultimate difficult task but all I am going to ask you is to ponder upon these questions to help you understand and establish that spiritual connect.

Still here with me? Great! We are going to the get to the interesting part of this article and later you can do the self analysis. To help you connect better, I am going to share a personal feeling here.

Lately I had started to turn on to my phone a lot whenever I felt even slightly stressed out, then be it work challenges or personal life. Social Media, browsing sites, whatsApp would come for my delusional rescue with those packets of deceiving feel good hormones and a whole lot junk of distraction. In all this, I became dependent on the external factors for easing my nerves which just provides a moment of relief but deep down it affects you more in a negative way. Over the period of time, it started affecting my basic nature of being comfortable and enjoy my own company, the solitude and observing the nature. Personally, I am an ambivert. I have always enjoyed my own time, pursuing my hobbies and spending time out in the nature by myself. And in all these, I started taking wrong judgement calls or drifting away from emotional intelligence. And Once for all, I addressed what is going wrong. I was loosing the self connect, I was not observing and addressing my emotions, feelings and thoughts and that exactly what was going wrong covered under the layer of digital distraction.

Bottom line is, find time to connect with yourself. This is important to keep your emotions in check, to keep your conscious strong and to strengthen your will power. How to do it?

Take a break from Social Media, internet and your electronic gadgets. Just sit and observe your thoughts, the blue sky or the darkness in your room, your quite voice. Address it and let it go. Give your thoughts and emotions the closure that they deserve. Once and for all, address them and let it go. And for the thoughts/situations, that cannot be tamed, leave it on time and make peace with the thought of leaving it on time.

Slow down, find the connect, strike the balance between your spiritual journey and worldly temptations. Try to reach to ground zero, the stable one where you don’t feel utterly sad the one moment and jumping like charged electrons the other. The state where you feel peaceful and calm from within. The state where you are comfortable in your skin and the state where emotions are decoupled from to say the least, at least from your phone(and everything it brings with it) 🙂



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