Scuba Diving: Essential Tips For The First Time Divers

I love adventure sports and I have been eyeing scuba diving for quite sometime until finally I checked this sport off my list during my trip to Andaman in Dec, 2021.

I had done lot of research before going for dive experience but still I experienced few things during my dive that would have been helpful if, would have told earlier.

So here we go, check out below mentioned quick points before your first scuba dive to have the maximum fun.

  1. Confused between Neil and Havelock for Scuba? Water visibility changes with seasons in these islands.Do scuba in Havelock during month of Oct-Jan and for any other months you can do it in Neil.
  2. Opt for Boat Dive Scuba. It will cost you a little more but experience is worth it. In Shore Dive, instructors will take you on foot to the diving site which is near to the beach but in Boat Dive they will take you approx. 5 kms inside the sea and dive in from there.
  3. Confused about diving site? Every touristy article will publicize Finding Nemo but, on my personal experience, Puffle Reef is better diving site than Finding Nemo.
  4. Always, always opt for early morning diving slot. Preferably the first batch. In wee hours, the water is clear and calm. Also the lighting is apt making the diving much more experiential.
  5. Go empty stomach or eat light before diving. Lot of people feel nauseous and tend to puke during diving but if you are taking it cool, it will be all good.
  6. Remember to breath! This sound stupid but the way we breathe during the dive, through our mouth is very different and it take trials to get adjusted to it. There is a tight clap on our nose, forcibly preventing it not to breathe through nose that automatically triggers panic. You just need to remind yourself to suck air through your mouth apparatus.
  7. Instructors will teach you lot of things to fix the underwater problems but I am listing down below that you are going to use the most, and most probably the only things you are going to use:
    1. Adjusting ear pressure. To do this, breath in through mouth, gently pinch the nose and try to release the air through ears. As soon as you feel pressure going off, resume normal breath through mouth apparatus.
    2. Breath only and only through mouth apparatus. If you try to breathe through nose, you are not going to get any oxygen resulting in subconscious panic. Keep cool and remember to breathe through mouth.
    3. Memorize the signs instructors taught you to communicate okay, not okay, up and down. These are the only 4 you are going to use.
  8. Ensure that the diving school you have opted for, have certified divers.
  9. Inquire if the footage being shot will be on GoPro. Most of the schools use chinese diving camera that produce worst quality video, see if they can shoot your diving video on GoPro
  10. Do apply coconut oil before diving. Sunscreen damages the corals and sun rays are way too harsh therefore coconut oil might provide some protection against the damage.
  11. Do not step on corals. You will go extremely near to some of the giant corals that will appear as rocks but do not step on them or touch anything under water during the dive. Corals are extremely sensitive.

It might appear difficult at the start, but so far, Scuba is one of the most fun and safe adventure sports that I have tried. It is safer than rafting, paragliding, ski, bungee and way much more fun.

I wish you all the best and you are going to have a lifetime of an experience! Have Fun X

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