Mumbai: City Of Dreams

Mumbai: City of Dreams

Mumbai is rightly termed as City of Dreams. Every year thousand of people move to this city to live the life of their dreams, some get successful, others understand the reality of this world. Where this city lures you with its grandeur skyscrapers and lights and opportunities, it also breaks you many times during the course of your hardship.

Apart from the life lessons which this city will infuse in your blood, it is also hold important position in the economic dyanamics of India. The financial capital of India is one of the most populous city in the world and also the busiest in the country. It also operates remarkable local train system and the dabba walas are appreciated for their esteemed perfect food services. The Dhobhi ghat is world’s largest cloth washing area and the Dharavi Slum is the expensive and Asia’s largest slum.

Such is this city of dreams, where you will find posh buildings of Bandra and South Mumbai right next to the life blooming in the tightly packed chawls.


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