Holi Festival: The Festival Of COlors

Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival, celebrated all across the country during the month of Fagun, between February to March. Colors form the ingredient part of Holi celebration hence it is also known as festival of colors. Though this festival is celebrated is different ways across the country, this video is specifically about Holi Celebration in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. Every year, Palampur organizes state level Holi fair that last up to a week. There are various competitions and cultural shows that are being organised at Pragati Madain. The festival starts with the Shobha yatra and ends with the grand star night performances. Various competitions such as wrestling, singing, dance, chess etc. are organised throughout the entire event of 4 days. Dog show and baby show are bound to steal your heart! The deity’s processions makes the Palampur’s Holi to stand unique from rest of the country. Every area of Palampur, exhibits its own Deity procession, locally known as Jhanki. These processions take places every day for 5 days and are carried at the pompous level. The energetic vibe, the colourful palettes and the conglomeration of various types of food, makes Palampur a must visit place during Holi festival.


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