How’s your mental health?

Most of us must be asking and answering these questions while talking to our loved ones these days. After all, we all are well aware of how grave the situation has become in the whole world, especially and specifically in our own country, INDIA.

Reporting the highest corona positive cases than any country in the world and we all are bearing the grunt of its crippled health care system and the ineffectual government.

Some of us are blessed to be with our families and some of us is still living alone inside 4 walls and the daily four point something (lac) harbingering another lockdown.

Here are some tips you might find helpful in maintaining the affirmative state of mind.

  1. Distant yourself from social media

This carries the utmost importance of all the points. Social Media gives the perception of filling in our loneliness and a false/partially true idea of companionship but it also clutters our mind with unwanted garbage and peace of mind is vitally important these days. At least limit the usage to at most one hour a day may be!

2. Talk to people

Now is definitely not the time to hold on to your ego. If you feel like talking to someone, call them as and when appropriate rather than building one more wall in your heart, we are already living alone in enclosed space, right!  Talking to our friends, family members do gives us those small packets of happiness and definitely vouch for it against your n number of ‘unknown’ social media followers and influencers.

3. Workout

It’s a plain simple fact, workout releases happy hormones. Um, well even if working out seems way too much of a task or out of comfort zone, we know it is a healthy thing to do and their lies our dose of daily positivity that we did something good todayJ. Doesn’t have been hardcore pushups and crunches, tune it in at your pace and style. I am tuning in to some daily stretching these days, you might tune in to dance or skipping or yoga, just make sure to move your muscles and we are good here

4. Levitate your spirit

Events happen and we choose to react in our own ways. Each one of us is struggling through our own unique situations and maybe, no one can really put themselves in our shoes. So, we have to uplift our spirits ourselves. We are ones who create magic for ourselves. Find your way, then be it waking up to the tune of your ‘happy songs’ playlist or reading those motivation quotes that really inspire you.

5. Relax your mind

Jumbled up thoughts create such anxiety and that choking feeling that just does not feel good and sometimes we just don’t have answers. So, give it time and take it easy on yourself. Do address your thoughts, try writing them down, it may help but then shelve away those thoughts for few days and let your mind breath. Simple breathing exercises really calms down the mind.

6. Refrain from negativity

It is our human nature right, to perceive the worst situation or to deflect to negative thoughts. The more negative we think, the more negative energy we create within ourselves and we don’t want to be negative person right. Try to see positive in every person and in every situation.

Certain situations are may be not in our control but how we deal with them and react to them definitely are. It is not possible every time to leave our bed with the upmost spirit, but our small efforts everyday will definitely bring the day when we will feel fully okay and genuinely happy. We can train our brain just like we train our body to endure stress and remain calm. After all, “tough times never last but tough people do”.

Happy reading folks!

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