Childhood Days: The Unsolved Puzzles


Those childhood days, that now backfire on us like the unsolved puzzles. The pieces that cannot be put together to make a single frame. Because the childhood was wild and free. We never tried to make any sense as kids but our ‘then’ created ruckus and notorious activities makes perfect sense now, now when we are grown up.
I often wonder, what goes inside a mind of a baby?
When she barely knows how to talk or to walk, everyone makes silly faces at her and she laughs out loud at them. A child gets amused so easily, laughs so easily and cries so easily.
S(h)e goes berserk anytime, anywhere, would dance anywhere, would sleep anywhere.
Why we started analyzing everything do deeply during this process of growing up?
Why couldn’t we leave few things unchanged while growing up?
Why does being mature have to be linked with certain type of demeanor!
People say they have grown old, but one grows old only when he accepts it in his mind. Body will perish and it will loose the shine but you can be young forever, young in your mind, playful and energetic like a child, forever young where your birthday month makes you jump on your feet, where you plan surprises and love surprises, where you play around will small and elder ones, where you eat and run, where you laugh out loud and carry ‘who-has-seen-tomorrow’ kind of mentality!.

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