Things No One Tells You About Quitting Your Job To Follow Dreams

Follow your dream; follow your passion, one life, go live it, see the world, live your dreams. Those who have dared have achieved.
All of this is true, but a lot goes in between quitting your job and then finally achieving your dream.

The insecurity grows, you start feeling the financial pressure and not to mention the ‘jobless’ feeling and answering questions of the people who just don’t get it what and why you left a stable job for some dream!

If you are planning to quit your job in order to pursue your passion, something which is totally offbeat to what you are currently doing, then be prepared for the underlined things.

The feeling of being Jobless:

No matter how much lazy ass you have got, no one likes to be entirely, totally jobless. It looks fine for couple of weeks or months while searching for your dream job but eventually it starts taking over you. Even if your finances are covered by your previous saving or your siblings or parents are so generous but you see, nothing is coming in your account that you have earned yourself.

Frustrating night and days

Since you have started on something entirely new, for which you might not even have a certified training or degree but you know you are good at it or at least you know you want to do this. But, almost every medium to big short company demands experience. Companies might not even reply back to your re-occurring emails. You might find some fake employers at freelance and those who might show any interest in your profile might consider you nothing. You will have to apply and reapply and approach time and again and again over period of months and years without any lead and any money and things would turn pretty frustrating. Sometimes you might not even know what approach or take, where to apply, how to get into what you want to do and that frustrates the hell out of one.

Quick Tip:
Clear you mind, find a alone corner or space and think, how you can do it. You have quit your job, so definitely you would have done some research, definitely you would know what needs to be done. All you need to do it to keep yourself reminding, the approaches the methods you have framed in your mind initially. Start all over again and keep doing until you feel that you have given your 100 percent.

Less Social Interaction

You see, when you had job, you use to interact will lot of people at workplace. You might be staying at different location due your job and would be sharing flat or PG. There would be gang with whom you would be hanging out during weekend, well because you worked your ass off during weekday. All of this is going to change once you quit your job. In my case, I was working in Mumbai but after quitting I came back to Palampur and started living with my parents. The only people I use to interact were them, my sister and the friends who could understand me. But you see, the set of people remained same, no new faces, no new connections. The same talks and same interaction that you start feeling weird on meeting new people or interacting with them. And why does it affect, because you feel the need to keep meeting new people because only then you will come across new ideas, new talks and new opportunities.

Quick Tip:
Keep going for workshops or hobby classes in your field of interest. Travel once in a while with random group of people.

Picking up random job

When you let the above things take the hold of you, you start applying randomly. The quest of working, earning and trying to get a job would make you apply to jobs that might be just closely related to something you want to do (or not) but are not exactly what you want to do. You might know that this will lead you nowhere but you still apply. And when they reply back to application, you think that why did you apply at the first sight. That pile up more frustration of getting replies from where you don’t want to join that what’s the point of quitting at the first place.

Quick Tip:
Don’t apply randomly for any job. Apply only if you think this is what you want to do. If you are ready to pickup any job then quitting your job does not make sense at the first place. Following your dreams, doing something out of your area, requires patience, constant efforts and wise decisions.

Getting too comfortable with the current situation

Being jobless means, you don’t have any work pressure; somehow you must be managing finances, either from savings or from home. If you have started living at home, then you must be already too comfortable because you don’t have to worry about food, bills, rent etc. Life looks good, oh but you are jobless. You will have this jobless status everyday in your mind, but there will be days when you will feel too comfortable where you are right now. Because you don’t have to step outside, you don’t have to work for someone else, you don’t have to interact with anyone. If this feels comfortable, then you are entering into a danger zone. It because all lot more important to keep pushing yourself, find such things where you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone. I was getting too comfortable at home, everything was provided and then I realized this comfort is toxic. I started having qualms about picking up jobs or scheduling interviews or even going out to record videos. So, I kept on pushing myself out once in a while, either by enrolling in some course or going to stay with a friend for a while.

No Time Schedule

This becomes the biggest problem and biggest challenge when you quit your job. So now, you don’t have to report anywhere before 10 in the morning, you don’t have to windup your lunch in half an hour. You are free to take afternoon nap, play in evening or exercise whenever you want. Sound like a good life right?
So wrong
Having no routine looks good only for few days but if you are out of your routine for long, it start making you more frustrated. When you are working in office, no matter what time you go to bed, you will get up on time next day and would work 9 to 10 hours straight in the office. But once, you don’t have a job, you tend to become lethargic about your wakeup schedule, working schedule. I bet you might be doing something, then be it working for your blog or youTube or searching job or finishing up your skill, but everything requires a discipline. And once you stop living a disciplined life or sticking to a routine then it becomes frustrating.

Having a routine is very essential; it can be an easy one that includes waking up at 10 or whatever way you like but then it has to be followed every day. And once you are jobless, people think that you are free and would ask you to do this or that but they don’t know that you are working by searching for job or improving your skills. So, you have to manage people around you, and stick to a routine.

Things are going to change and it will be different for different people. The journey between quitting job and doing your dream job will be different as well, few will reach their goals early and few will take some time. But everyone goes through these phases for short or long intervals. Phases that make you question the sanity of your decision but the one who sticks and keep sane mind, achieves what he has set on doing

So, if you are planning to quit your job, be ready to experience some or all of these. Get mentally strong and once ready, go all it. Give your everything because very few have courage to turn their dreams into reality and it will take a lot more than this to achieve your dreams. So, there should be no going back once you have set on your path. Deal with things in your way but just remember that time will change.

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