Traveler vs. Tourist: 12 Differences Between The Two

The craze of travel is speedily catching up across the country and with that everyone wants to travel, for different reasons. Some wants to explore the place, indulge in the local culture, some want to tick mark exotic places and some just want pictures for their social media account. The craze of travelling is infecting people to such an extent where they even quit their job just to travel, well that can be a career option as well. I too belong to that category where I quit my job to chase my dream of being a traveller. During my journey, I noticed the difference between the travel choices I made when I use to go just for a week and when I hit the road indefinitely.
Call tourist a traveller and he might like it but call traveller a tourist and he would be offended. ‘Traveller’ is a dignified profession like others and in bitter words are someone who takes a week break every year to explore places can’t be a traveller, just like a doctor can’t be a mechanic if he fixes the fuse of his house once in a year.

There are lot of things that differentiate between a traveller and a tourist, listing here 12 such differences between the two:

1) A tourist takes off from his job to travel. A traveller’s job is to travel.
2) A tourist hit the road for definite set of days. A traveller hits the road indefinitely.

3) A tourist leaves home for a change. A traveller comes home for a change.

4) A tourist goes out to detox. A traveller comes in to catch-up.

5) Travelling is a break from daily routine for a tourist. Travelling is a routine for a traveller.

6) A tourist travels to step out of their comfort zone. ‘Out of Comfort Zone’ becomes comfort zone for a traveller

7) A tourist usually goes with a well organized travel plan or groups. A traveller finds and creates the travel plan

8) A tourist photographs the famous places. A traveller visit the less renowned offbeat places

9) A tourist might just try the local cuisine and feast on safer food option. A traveller hunts for the local cuisine.

10) A tourist looks for comfortable stay. A traveller seeks a home stay environment with locals.

11) A tourist learns just few words in local language. A traveller makes extra effort to converse since he knows he is going to be there for a while.

12) A tourist photographs the locals. A traveller blends in with the locals.

It’s great to be a tourist when you are already doing what you love to do and take out time to see the places once in a while and it’s amazing to be a traveller if travel is all that you want to do. So what is your type, a tourist or a traveller?

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