Hampta Pass: A Magical Crossover

Hampta Pass is a moderate level trek that starts from Jobra in Kullu and ends at Lahaul Valley of Himachal Pradesh.
Hampta Pass is named after the village Hampta.

This trekking route is quite popular among the beginner and moderate level trekkers. The 5 day long itinerary fits perfectly well for the working people as well. Hampta Pass is one of those treks in which one can witness the contrasting landscapes. Where the Kullu valley is adorned with lush green forest and grasslands, the Lahaul valley is totally barren and rugged.
Rani Nala founds a frequent mention when talk about Hampta Pass. The reason being, this water stream swells up considerably well during monsoons and hence pose serious challenge for the trekkers. Another challenging part of this trek is river crossing at Shea Goru, which again due to its extremely low temperature and wide width poses some difficulty to the trekkers. Other than these, the trek is pretty much doable though not to be attempted alone as weather changes dramatically at the pass and trail becomes really slippery.

Do let me know if you need more information about the trek, its accessibility and how to prepare.
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