Trekking Packing List: Everything That You Need

If you are reading this article to get an idea about what you should pack for trekking, you need not to go anywhere else. The things that I am listing here are the only ones you are truly going to need.
Why you should trust my blog on ‘everything that you need to pack for trekking’?Well, this one is coming from my personal experience of trekking through all type of mountain ranges over the period of past few years. I was associated with one of the trekking companies and spent months exploring new trails hence I learned the art of packing my rug sack and thus listing out the items that are truly needed on treks.

I got lot of queries over past few months on what essential items one should carry for a trek. So, here is a list of EVERYTHING that you need to pack in your rug sack.

1. Backpack with waterproof cover (60 L to 75 L): 1
2. Trekking Pole (optional): 1
3. Daypack (optional): 1

Things to check before buying trekking gears and items

1. Trekking shoes: 1 pair
2. Socks: 4 pairs
3. Chappal/floaters: 1 pair

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A. Bottom Wears
1. Trek pants: 2 pairs (One pair which you will be wearing and one extra pair to change)
2. Lower thermal: 1 pair
3. Undergarments: 4 pair(for 6 to 7 day long trek)
4. Rain pant: 1 pair
Ponchos are really not a good option. Click to know why.

B. Upper Wears
1. Upper thermal: 1 pair
2. T-shirts (quick dry and full sleeve): 3 pair
3. Fleece: 1 pair
4. Light weight woolen sweater: 1
5. Jacket: 1 pair
6. Raincoat: 1 pair

1. Gloves (warm and waterproof) : 1 pair
2. Balaclava or neck warmer: 1 pair
3. Sun hat/ cap: 1 pair
4. Warm cap: 1 pair
5. Sunglasses (UV protected): 1

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1. Toothpaste: 1 small tube
2. Brush: 1
3. Face wash: one small tube
4. Moisturizer and lip balm: one small tube
5. Sunscreen: 1 small tube
6. Pocket Deodorant: 1
7. Wet tissue wipes: 1 packet
8. Pack of dry tissues: 1 packet
9. Hand towel: 1

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1. Paracitamol(for fever and pain)
2. Sinarest( for cold)
3. Entriqunol (for diarrhea)
4. Pudinhara (gastric and indigestion)
5. Bandage (mild cuts)
6. Move or fast relief gel (for muscle pain)
7. Glucose packets (energizers)

1. Safety pins: 1 pack
2. Plastic bags: few to keep soiled or wet cloths
3. Power bank: 1
4. Head Torch (must have): 1
5. Pocket Knife: 1
6. Tiffin Box and a Mug (steel): 1

These are the ONLY things that you need to pack if you are going for an ORGANISED trek. Most of the trekking companies take care of the food and stay therefore need not to carry ration items and sleeping bag. But if you are going for a self organized trek, apart from the listed items you’ll need to pack the cooking items and lodging items as well.

It is good to know that people are embracing the adventure activities but with that comes few responsibilities as well. For all those who are reading this blog, I request you, not to litter the trek that you are heading to. Nature is perishing and we need to take care of it.

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I hope you to have an amazing, safe and sound trek 🙂

Do let me know if you need help with the packing list for a specific trek and please comment if this list proves helpful to you!


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