Keeping Moving Ahead: The Mantra of Success

“If you can’t fly, then run,
If you can’t run, then walk,
If you can’t walk, then crawl,
But whatever you do,
You have to keep moving forward.”
-Martin Luther King Jr.


Everyone is running and we know it. Every field, every profession has become a race and if you can’t keep up with the speed, you will drop of the line and someone else will replace you. There is a lot of talent around, people are excelling their skills day and night and there is always someone better than you around the corner. You can be the best, but others can be the best too hence you have to keep ahead in the race.
Gigi Hadid once said that the best advice she got was ‘you got to keep doing your work with excellence because there will be always someone else who is more hardworking and prettier than you and would replace you’. Don’t let that thing happen.


I remember, one morning during my ski course, we were taken to a temple, ‘Anjani Mahadev’ for morning warm up. We were suppose to walk for 1.5 kms in knee deep snow, carrying the heavy ski on our back and then ski back to the base. I knew my pace was slower than most of the people so I started walking as soon as we got the directions to go ahead. I was walking among the first few people and then suddenly the snow beneath my right foot moved and my leg got stuck inside the snow. One senior came to help me out and started digging out the snow. Everyone else kept moving. By the time I was on my feet again, my whole batch had left me behind and I just wanted to catch up with them. I loaded my ski and started walking. It was very tough. I was physically not really fit for I had underestimated the physical requirement for ski and hadn’t prepared for it. I was at home for quite a few months so ski course was a break from my comfort zone and I had developed this habit of complaining inside my head which I knew was wrong.
The whole thing was too much for me because I had never thought of myself to be under performing. I had been trekking for past few months and had always been ahead of the group, physically fit and mentally tough but the unemployed months at home, made be obese and developed a nagging nature. I knew it was wrong. I was cursing myself with every step because I was just not able to catch with the group and the weight of ski was pulling me down. I was tired, sweating in minus temperature, thirsty and mind wrecked and I wanted to take a stop but I kept crawling. I kept crawling because I knew if I stop, the distance between me and my group will increase and I would feel more mentally weak. I kept crawling and finally I made it to where my group was sitting. They were tired too and were looking at my tired face thinking if they looked like the same wreck I was looking then.
Next morning, we were expecting to practice on the slope itself but again instructors took the turn to Anjani Mahadev. I felt tears swelling up in my eyes because yesterday was so tough for me but I kept going, I was again crossed by group and was eventually moved to the last one in the row but I kept walking because saying no or turning back was not an option for me.
Similarly, in every field there is race we are competing with. I have a youTube channel ‘Altering Apex’, it is about travel videos but then I see so many people are producing so much better content, every day every week. It is such a tough race and long one.
I write blogs and still it is a long way to go to get monetized but I will keep writing, for I need to keep in the race, however slowly it may be.
Actors, businessmen, politicians even NGOs, everyone is running. Only the one’s who can keep one with the race will win.

To keep up with the race requires lot of dedication and investment and smart work. Lot of people join the race and the one’s who are really passionate would be able to keep up with the pressure, deadlines and constant content. Rest will drop off eventually and one who keeps up will get what he wants, one day.
It is all about keep moving ahead, however slow it may be. You may have bad days but you gotta keep crawling at least. Never let the race queue get out of your sight because when there will be no one in your sight you will feel lost and demotivated. Keep your competitors at your sight and make sure you keep approaching your goal, however slow it may be but just keep going.


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