My 11 Years Old Rommie: And Her Passionate Zeal

Megha was just 11 years old and yet she was traversing those slopes like a pro. The speed didn’t seem to scare her, but only made her loose hair strands dance as she ski down the steep slope. I could imagine the spark in her eyes behind those ski-glasses, the kind of spark that only a skier can get and understand.


The heavy ski-boots and long tailed ski seems to be a natural fit for her, after all she has been skiing forever, that’s what she remembers. Her memory paints her skiing even before she could walk on the slopes of Palchan, her small village near Solang valley in Manali, Himachal Pradesh .
She came down skiing and with the quiver smile removed her ski, loaded it on her back and moved back up again for another round. She was living for ski, though she sees herself as a boxer in her twenties.
She had already completed all the ski courses, basic, intermediate and advance ski courses last year but to keep practicing, she was doing all of them again. No doubt she traversed those slopes like a pro.

Though all the kids are blessed with the carefree laughter but her’s was especially different. Her smile was radiant and her eyes were captivating. I could finally understand what deep blue eyes are like. She was smart in the way she talks as well. The way she speaks and reciprocate, you would question the age of kid from which those words would be coming out. You would question for a moment if she was more mature than you and then she would throw a snowball at your face laughing hysterically, exposing her childlike soul and you would get your answer.
She would obey and respect you but would also make sure that you don’t mess with her ever! That playful soul would ooze out tons of energy. When it would be freezing outside and everyone would be enjoy a day off because of snow storm, she would buckle up her shoes and go out for a free ride on snow tyres or snow scooters. A total opposite of shy personality, she couldn’t keep quiet for a minute unless she is sleeping and waking her up would be like calling for a thunderstorm. A thunderstorm you would want to come.
She and Veerja, another 11 year old kid, were my roommates at ABVIMAS. We three were leisurely stuffed inside a 5 bedded room that we were suppose to share during the period of Basic Ski Course of 14 days. Where the notorious habits of these kids, the loud chitter chatter, running inside the room, would sometimes piss me off but then the radiant smiles, the joyous souls and their innocent talks would fill me up with the childlike passion of seeing things in my own way.
Megha taught reminded me to live one moment at a time. To wear your heart at your sleeves and find good in everything and everyone. To always be helpful and resourceful. But she also taught me, not to let anyone take you for granted, not to let anyone mess up with you, to be kind but not just get used.
This little kid who is yet to see the world, yet to step outside the state is very mature in her own ways and her posses the childlike fervor, zeal and enthusiasm to live every moment, with full energy and all the heart.



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