Things You Need To Do Every Day On A Trek

Where mountains seems to be enigmatic, charming and enormous, they are also very mysterious, ferocious and very well dangerous. Lot of people have lost their lives trying to scale the peaks and yet many more have successfully attached the major accomplishments to their names.

If you want to have a safe trek then there are certain trekking rules that you must follow. Not only that, to make your trekking experience more smoother and easy, here is a list of things that you must do every day while on a trek.

1. Morning stretching

Lot of people misunderstood the importance of stretching. Just five minutes of morning trenching is going to prevent you from having those cramps, muscle pain, knee pains etc. It will increase the blood flow to your shoulders and would help in long walk carrying the heavy rug sack

2. Evening Stretching

Evening stretching is even more important than the morning one. No matter how tired you are, spare five minutes right after reaching your camp site and stretch those muscles before the body cools down. It relaxes your body muscles and prevents muscle pain

3. Drink Water

Drink at least 4 to 5 litres of water every day. Even if it is cold and raining, keep sipping water now and then. With gain in altitude, oxygen level drops considerably thus our body takes the oxygen from the water we drink.

4. Consume Sugar

If you are willing to successfully complete your trek then leave your diet plans at home and keep chugging in some sugar product at least once in a day, then be it a juice or chocolate or sweet porridge. Sugar level drops considerably with altitude and it is very important to maintain salt sugar level in blood. The sugar gives that energy to the body which is very much required during treks

5. Check Oxygen Level

This one is necessary to do only if you are going for a trek higher than 13,000 feet. Tree line usually disappears after 10,000 feet and grass and shrubs disappear after 13,000 feet resulting in considerably drop in the oxygen level. Therefore, make sure to get your oxygen level checked every morning or after reaching the camp.

6. Clean your trail

If you want to keep going on treks, if you want to do a little bit of your part towards saving our environment, please do not litter and if not cleaning the trail, at least do not dump your waste on the trails. If you can carry those biscuits, energy bars to the mountain top then definitely you can carry the empty wrappers back to the base. Even the small wrapper of toffee takes years to decompose, so it is a humble request, please keep the mountains clean.

Be a responsible trekker and do your part to save mountains 🙂



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