Ego Like Guarding Gate of Zero


Ego like the guarding gates of zero.
Sometimes you are guarding nothing,
And still have those guards,
closely watching the closed gates,
but you are guarding nothing.
And your ego prevents you from letting it go,
Letting people know
And you end up guarding nothing.
One day when you’ll need the shoulder and will look inside
To the zero you were guarding all the while
You will realize that you were guarding nothing
The once ‘friendly’ faces will dance in mockery
And you will see the shadows of the retreating feet that once knocked your door
But you were too egoistic to let people know
And your whole life, you guarded nothing.
Put down your guards for once,
And put your ego aside,
let’s see the world that’s beautiful and sublime, guard your eternal treasures and guard your self esteem,
but never guard your ego,
for you will end up guarding nothing .


  1. Wow Kriti…….❤️❤️❤️
    I’m on official tour…..on mountains…..sitting alone…. there’s cold outside…..the weather is too bad… electricity…..can’t go anywhere…..then I found this link……good job 👍👍👍


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