5 Things You MUST check before Trek

5 must things to check before heading on to your trek:
1. Health:
Health is wealth. You are going to walk whole day wearing your rug sack. The weather might be bright sunny or rainy and blizzard or must be snowing and it requires stamina. You are going to be exhausted, drained and extremely tired but you need stamina to continue your trek the next day.

2. Sturdy and comfortable bag pack:
Choosing the right type of bag pack comes with experience, once you have trekked 1 or 2 times and you know what you exactly want. Make sure your bag pack have comfortable shoulder straps and back support and the straps won’t get loose when you walk. Bag pack must remain above waste line for proper balance and should have at least two openings, one from above and one from below or front. Along with these features you also need to keep in mind that it should be light weight as well. You can get such products from Decathlon and Wildcraft
3. Trekking Shoes:
Always buy 1 size larger than your actual shoes size. Shoe bite and blisters would be the last thing you want to have while trekking. A tight shoe will make it impossible to take even 1 step. I am saying it with my experience. So make sure you buy 1 size larger and hop around in them before starting the trek. Don’t save them for the D-Day, get your feet use to it before setting off on the trek.
4. Weather forecast:
You would have checked the terrain and the detailed itinerary but along with that make sure to check the weather forecast as well to get the hint of what to expect. Though in mountains no one can truly predict the weather but let say if you are going for a summer trek you would not expect a rainfall but mountains are weird, so just an extra check.

5. Weight your bag:
Your bag should weight under 10 KG depending upon the duration and altitude of your trek. 6 to 7 KG is the ideal weight for 7 to 8 days trek. Make sure to weight your bag and shed out anything extra that you can cut out

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