Watery Trails of Visapur Fort Trek

If you are a Maharashtrian or ever trekked in Sahyadris then you must be familiar with the Visapur Fort trek and if you are not, here is this article.
You might have done quite challenging treks, would have explored the Himalayas or the Aravalis, might have trekked in snow or in rainfall or even at night but have you ever trekked through a waterfall? Yes, through a waterfall all the way till the top. That’s the story of watery trails of Visapur Fort.

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A short description about Visapur Fort:
It is located in Pune District. Nearest railway station is Mahavali, approx. 3 to 4 KM from the starting point of trek. It is a part of Lohagad-Visapur fortification. Visapur fort and Lohagad fort shares the same mountain belt and lie in close proximity to each other. Also, Visapur fort is located at the higher elevation of 1084 m from sea level than the Lohagad fort.
The very interesting history of Visapur-Lohagad fort says that Lohagad fort was famous for its strengths and treasures of Maratha Kindgdom. Thus in 1818,during demolitions of Peshwa’s forts, British troops set up their canons in Visapur fort taking advantage of its elevation and bombarded Lohagad fort, forcing Marathas to flee.

Large part of Visapur fort is destroyed and are in ruins. There are huge number of water cisterns, few demolished architectures which use to be the food grainery,ruins of Peshwa’s mansion, Lord Hanuman’s carvings and remains like grinding wheel etc.
The best part of this trek other than the trekking through waterfall, is the lush green plateau that you encounter on reaching till the top. And it is so huge that one can easily loose their way.
The weather changes drastically at the top hence it is advisable to return back when there is still some light out there plus the slippery trails of waterfall will make your decent quite… SLIPPERY! Other than that, trek is of easy grade. Enjoy the grand view from the top, the for playing hide and seek and enumberable water cisterns appearing magically from the uneven pleateu top.
Few Tips:

  1. Carry your own drinking water and eatables, their isn’t available any at the fort.
  2. If you are riding on bikes till the starting point of trek then make sure your bike is in good condition because it is literally an ‘up-hill’ task to drive till base point.
  3. Do return back to the base before sunset as winds gets really strong and one wrong step while traversing down the waterfall may lead to severe injuries
  4. Do wear sturdy shoes to avoid any free falls !
  5. Best time to visit : monsoons definitely

Maharashtra has abundant forts and abundant treks. Abundant beauty and abundant love.

Stay tuned for more articles on treks in Sahyadris!!



One comment

  1. Beautifully described! And yes, every trekker worth his salt in Maharashtra knows about Visapur! 😀 I have been to Visapur twice and it’s an absolutely heaven during monsoons but one should know the terrain cos the place frequently gets enveloped in whiteouts 🙂
    I look forward to reading more about Sahyadri on your blog!


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