A Little Dose of Positivity 

Where are we going by making our lives so serious?
What are we trying to achieve by brooding every day?
What point are we making by ‘struggling’ on day to day basis?
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I understand that we got bigger dreams to achieve and we are just trying to be focused by cutting out of parties or silly talk or from anything that waste our time.
Right now our lives seems so ordinary, disheveled, tuned out and we believe we will truly ‘live’ when we will be ‘living’ our dream and hence brought all the seriousness,  the constantly working mind and ‘not satisfied’ attitude but in doing so aren’t we living a “little less” every day?
Doesn’t mean I imply on bringing in go-with-the-flow attitude and give your dream a second priority. We got to swim against the flow to achieve something extra but can’t we do the same by excluding all that ‘seriousness’ from our lives and laugh a bit? By excluding all the botheration we get when ‘we know’ our time is going to get wasted. By stop being restless worrying where are we going to land when we have already taken that plunge. By eliminating all the possessiveness we hold for someone we love that burn us alive. Who knows we are alive today and tomorrow may end up dead so why not let yourself live the moment in peace and happiness. Why to be so hard on yourself and indirectly or directly on others.
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How would you like to remember this day,  this moment when you will think about it tomorrow? Oh! I was too serious, brooded, bothered, restless and then worked whole night because I had lot of things to do or yes, I had lot of things to do but I laughed and was energetic, high on spirits and worked whole night to get things done.
Any which way you are going to do what you have decided.

A little thinking, a little restlessness, a little fear is required to keep ourselves on track but only a ‘little’. Don’t let these blot your mind.
Breath…., adopt the most chilled out attitude that one can get, stop being too serious or nagging, laugh out loud, give others some space and have one for yourself, and side by side keep working towards your dream.


Live every day to live your dream 🙂

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