So many blogs on Rishikesh rafting and bungee jumping already trafficking the internet even then I am putting up my guts to write one more down about it just for my lovely readers

What differentiate it from other blogs: My experience!

My experience of popping out alive from the gusty rapid, my experience of watching the enchanting Ganga pooja from the raft, My experience of cliff jump from an uncommon spot of 30 ft height and my experience of the gusty fall with the skipped heart beat on the count of 1..2..3 …BUNGEEEE

Rafting and Bungee was on my to-do list since past 4 years but being teleported to south for job it was still a dream until I got the window of 2 months stay in Gurgaon. I multiplied, divided, subtracted all possible combinations of reaching Rishikesh and staying over there but in the end by god’s grace it went really comfortable.

Short information on how you can reach there and where to stay:

How to Reach Rishikesh from Delhi

Bus: Frequent bus service is available from Delhi Kashmiri Gate to Haridwar

Train: Mussoorie exp that leaves from NDLS at 22:10 Pm to Haridwar

From haridwar frequent bus services are available to Rishikesh

Where to Stay:

Budget Hotel: Hotel The Holiday Home near Tapovan, Rishikesh Charges: INR 800/- per room

I left from Delhi to Rishikesh with 3 of my friends at 6 in the morning and reached there at 1 PM. We directly checked into the hotel Holiday Home. The hotel was pretty decent and staff was really friendly and the best part is they arrange all your rafting and bungee activities along with the transportation.

Rafting Experience: We left for 16 Km rafting at 3 Pm. Our guide was Mr. Chadda who was from Himachal and is in this profession since past 20 years. We set on to conquer gusty white water of Ganga keeping the guide’s instructions in our mind. As we were crossing the last rapid ‘Initiation’ I slipped and fell into the rapid and moments later popped out alive. Thanks to safety instructions I didn’t give up my hold of rope tied across the raft. It was scary for couple of seconds but the incident made my trip worth remembering and hatt ke ! 🙂


The next ultimate fun was Cliff jump. Rather than jumping from the usual Maggie point we did it from the two giant rocks standing amidst the river. The climb till the top was steep and rough and I nearly peed in my pants on the thought of jumping from the top. But there was no way going down other than jumping so I did it and was brought back to life with the sheer pain in my thighs and arms. Freeze breadth I reached near raft and took few minutes to put myself together. What an amazing fall it was!


This was our guide’s last rafting ride of the day so he made sure to make us enjoy as much as possible. We nearly took 3 hours for covering 16 km rafting which is almost double than usual and we all were happy about it.

Our rafting ended almost as magnificently as it started as we saw the Ganga pooja from the raft. Silently absorbing the positive hymns, watching the sun setting behind the mountains and our raft making its way on the river laden with golden sun dust 🙂



Bungee Jumping:

It is advisable to online book your tickets for bungee jumping as the slots are usually full in season time. I reported at jumping heights office at 8 in the morning and reached the jumping site at 9:30 am. Here my guide was Sue who is from Switzerland. Once done with initial formalities I found myself standing at the edge of platform ready to take a leap of faith on the count of three. My heart was saying to back off but I was determined in my mind to do it. I saw and I felt gravity working on the body of 54 Kg! Went too technical but anyway those fractions of seconds when I saw I was approaching the ground with the immense speed, I can never forget that moment, that part of my fall is forever etched in my soul.


Crazy, stupid humans we are, not satisfied with the comfort of sitting at our homes. That itchy feeling of putting our souls into frenzy conditions that we pickup our butts and land ourselves into shuddersome conditions, just to feel that adrenaline rush! But that’s what makes us feel alive … isn’t it!

Happy adventure folks! 🙂

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