Corporate Sitcom : CS 1, corporate parties

Spinning bottles, rounds of laughter, clapping rhythms, exuberant food and a perfect ambiance where jokes are shared, some new are made. One person will be the audience choice to be the ‘bakraa’ of the day doomed to bear all the “puns” of so-called ‘humorous’ people. Few will be holding the command in their hands as usual, their place is usually irreplaceable and they are asked to take the center seat so that everyone will be entertained and will not run out of conversation.

You get to see mix bag of people, people who laugh out so loud on what ever jokes being made just to ensure they are enjoying, people who really try to understand the humor and in the end they end up laughing to themselves making some kind of joke inside their head so as to ensure a natural laughter and people who really ! laugh at low category and further more below degree jokes and in a way its a good thing atleast they are having a good time, so what if their choice of wit is bit out rated.

These kind of corporate gathering (which are generally boring for people of varied interest minus IT ) are usually are in a way really interesting if you have a eye for it. Starting with the physical denomination of positivity, you sit for 3 hours straight with a constant big grim on your face which is however fake but is always there thus thereby you get a chance to finish one week’s quota of facial exercise.

You meet people laughing their heart out to some of the worst jokes that rather make you cry then laugh and that in a way boost your wit confidence that at least it means you too can make some one laugh. Next time you can be the ‘Kapil Sharma’ of the gathering.

But yes in the end its your need, man is a social animal sure this statement carries lot of weight. You try to fit in to every social gathering trying to make your place because in the end no matter what is it, where ever you are, everyone wants to be recognized .



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