Line of practicality: Pragmatist or Idealistic

21st century, life is moving faster than it is supposed to be, harder than it has to be perhaps more practical than it should be but then it has become necessity! Youngistaan or ‘The actual people of world’ as google describes it 😉 are pretty much leading their life on the line of practicality.

paragmatism vs realism

So much carried away by being pragmatist that it is dripping down from every principle that exists in this world. Job/Career/Relationships/Human values/Socialization … eventually people are trying to be practical in every field listed and un-listed.

But deep down sometimes each one of us wonder for the existence of dreamland where we can go and live without any rules specifically without the evil tormented feeling of the worldly world no envy, no greed and for god’s sake not ruling out the things we want to do because they are not practical. Wonder if such place could really exist like the one in ‘Fantasy Island’ series by Gene Levitt. You just need to board a plane to Fantasy Island and you’ll be given a chance to live your fantasy. How cool it sounds!

Once during your teeny tiny teen age when you were struggling with all the butterfly feeling in your tummy you wished for your story to one in legend unless have given up all hopes on the true existence of your heart or got your feeling genetically transplanted to ‘imperturbable’. And legends do exist. It doesn’t mean I am hoping for prince charming to arrive on a white horse driven chariot. A black limo would be fine… lol .. just a normal pair of shoes, decent dressing sense, a backpack and vision of his soul and outlook for world will be fine (too much?). The bottom line is dreaming for realistic + practicality perhaps you’ll succeed juxtaposing them and drawing out the best of both worlds.

It is as important to remind yourself to be practical (at needed instances) as to poop in the morning else you’ll survive but with the constipation in your head. Being practical of course reduces your suffering by 67% rest 25% is inevitable and remaining 8% proves you are human but then where goes the joy of surviving all emotions.


Line of practicality or just another programed machine. Reminds me of Robot ‘Vicky’ from famous series ‘Small Wonder’ who was wondering in one episode that why she doesn’t have a heart and why she doesn’t have real tears!

It is okay to be a bit dreamy, silly, bit real and a bit (lot) of practical all in perfect balance. So let go off your guards when next time you meet someone amazing, you meet someone who really needs your help, someone who demands humanism from you. Being pragmatist is necessary but you need to decide where! Cheers spread smiles with a warm heart and sometimes put an end to the fight between the brain and heart. Choose wisely where you pragmatism is really needed and where you can just be yourself without imposing your super functional brain over it.

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