Benefits Of Backpacking: Economic Way Of Travel

The craze for travelling has multiplied during past few years and by the means of backpacking, it has become possible for larger group of people. The travel plans that were once restricted to the highly paid people have become a common man thing now days. Why shouldn’t it be, after all travelling is fun and travelling is a learning, travelling is everything that you want it to be.
Here are the 7 benefits of backpacking:
Pocket friendly:
Backpacking is a budget friendly way of travelling where you don’t spend heavily on your transport and on your stays and still get the most out of the place. You no more have to worry about planning before months, chucking out that large part into savings from your salary just because you want to go for that one trip and definitely, don’t have to worry about being totally broke after the trip.

New Connections:
Backpacking allows you to make new friends along the way. Usually in other ways of travelling or luxury travelling, you will be confined to your room once back at hotel but backpacking gives you a chance to stay at hostels or share dormitories where you stumble upon like minded people, people who share the same zeal as yours for travel and have many such different experiences to share. You never know, the friends you are going to make are going to stay for life!

Bonding with locals:

To keep your travel budget friendly, backpacking offers you to spend nights at home stays that gives you the chance of interacting with locals and bonding with them. You get to witness their style of living and their culture and of course their stories. You might stumble upon an inspiring one, you never know.

Local Food:
Food is an integral part of travelling. O yes! We connect a place a lot to its cuisine. Do you thing the local dish served at some fancy restaurant on bone china plate will give the authentic taste than the local dish served simmering hot straight from the stove to your plate at the cosy kitchen of the localite? Backpacking would give you the chance of trying out the later one. The restaurant would try to customize the taste for the liking of tourists but the one served at dhabas or the local’s kitchen or road side stalls will make the preparation according to the taste of locals. If you are a true wanderer then which one would you like to try?


Out of Your Comfort Zone:
Backpacking gives you a chance to step a little out of your comfort zone which is very much required if you want to shape up your personality. While backpacking, you will make that extra effort to interact with fellow travellers or to interact with the locals, no matter how shy you are. It might make you to share your room, to use the public transport, to enquire about the places and this might push you a little out of your comfort zone. But you will return back more confidant and more happy.


Exploring Off Beat Places:

While backpacking alone, you are not entirely restricted to follow the set plan and can vary it according to the new things that you discover and would like to explore. And even if you are backpacking in a group, you get to meet lot of locals who might take you to places that are not really flashed on the tourism websites.

Getting To Know About the Place:

In every means of travelling you would read about the place but while backpacking you will do your through research! You would want to know about the speciality of the place that you must try, the must visit offbeat place, the must try out local eating joint, the culture to witness and the festivals to attend. So, when you have done your homework you are bound to make better connection with the place.

Backpacking is not just a means of travelling and exploring the place but it is also about building your personality and finding yourself. You are bound to return more confidants, optimistic and independent. That is what a backpacking style of travel promises to its explorers.

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