Whatever you want to do, this is the only chance you got; right now right here.

So we generally pacify our mind saying I do the thing which I am supposed to do right now and later I’ll switch back to what I WANT to do and sometimes we go to the extremes of being optimistic imagining the other life in box for us and full filling our present life’s dreams in next! Well if that’s the case… it is heights of being optimistic or I would rather say negligence!


You are actually supposed to do the things which you WANT to do not the things you took when you were in dormant state or ignorant.

One of the biggest tasks in Man’s life is discovering what he actually wants to do and for the lucky few who know what they want, pity for them to just crush their dreams beneath the road roller of their “supposed” life.

It’s too risky, it is too late, it is just impossible, I can’t afford it! It’s a human nature to find excuses to the things that need guts. You have guts to propose you best friend’s girlfriend, to be a runaway bride or to mock someone doing wrong to you but no guts to take a stand for yourself for what you want to do. It is like we are continuously doing wrong to ourselves and happily accepting it.

‘yay!! I am a mocker of myself”


Manjhi is a must watch movie not only to get an insight about the Mountain Man ‘Dashrath Manjhi’ and for the outstanding acting of Nawazuddin Siddiqui but for the silent message it whispers in the ears of the recipients and in the eyes or perceivers.

What if it is your dream to nail down a mountain! Seems very unrealistic/impossible right! But Manjhi turned it into reality, paved a way between Atri and Wazirganj reducing the travel to 15 km from 55 km. And now he is immortal. He believed in one of the most uncommon/ seems to be impossible dream about which I guess one won’t even dare to dream about!

It is just one life we all got and we are supposed to make the most out of it. No time is too late to start; life is short so better start it now.

Very beautifully quoted by Michael Leboeuf : “We’ll never be as young as we are tonight”


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