Dreaming About A Day Dream

The joy of catching the falling snow

Lost in the silent forest of silver oak

The stillness of woods and the distant cawing crow

Breaking the line of my transient thought

The gushing cascade swelling the froth

Placed perfectly amidst the green ferns and the pink tulip nods..

The melting snow and welcoming the season of fall

The blazing sky and the street lit from auburn Pinon

The last rays of Sun retreating from the mountain top

The leaves standing still, accumulating the dewdrops

The night sky glistening as the twinkling star pops

The clouds sliver in the silver moon and the Jackals howls …

A violinist somewhere playing a melancholic song

The old lady anticipating the right and the wrong

The flowers waiting to bloom against all odds

And winters trying to give a way to the summer’s shots

We all are caught in a day dream, dreaming of hope

A dream which is fabricated, tangled to our desire’s rope

A dream quenching its thirst with the fire it has caught

The fire of travelling to far off places across the globe

Day dreaming to be in nature’s lap and holding loved one in our thoughts

A dream about the Day Dream we are wishing for, to come true

I am caught in a day dream, what about you?

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